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Wendy Godber MNCSAcc.


Counselling and Psychotherapy in Matlock,


Hello! I'm Wendy. Welcome to my page. Psychological Therapy can help you gain an increased sense of self worth and provides the confidential support for overcoming personal emotional difficulties.   

Are you are anxious, unhappy, depressed or suicidal? If so I may be able to  help you safely emerge from those negative feelings. Perhaps you just need a safe space where you can explore a persistent and difficult issue. Whichever applies to you, being able to explore your issues in complete confidentiality within a safe environment with a specially qualified person is of vital importance.

Worries become a real problem when they begin to cause distress. Difficulties you once regarded as trivial may seem monumental when depression descends, and the challenges that confront you at times can be just too much to bear on your own. There is the risk that you might reach the point where 'the final straw breaks the camel's back'. It is better to seek help before that happens, but even at the lowest ebb, help is only a phone call away.

If you have never previously suffered from anxiety or depression, it can feel frightening or overwhelming. Medication can be used as a prop, but counselling is a powerful way to enable you to face up to and explore the problems at your own pace.


Clients have reported being able to reduce long standing anti-depressants if that is what their aim is.

It takes courage to face your dilemma but time and again clients report that they have found it possible to enjoy life again, having been empowered through self-exploration to discover their own solutions.

The Therapy Modalities that I Use

Person-centered Counselling

(founded by Carl Rogers)

Transpersonal - the bridge between psychotherapy and the spiritual.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Deep Memory Process

Briefly, DMP is a therapy which can help to transform our negative behaviours which are caused by buried memories which may influence the way we behave and how we think and feel about ourselves without really knowing why. Clients have reported how they previously sabotaged their attempts at living more fully in the present, and with even one DMP session the results can be significant. It is always a positive transformation. DMP is a form of psychodrama combined with light hypnosis.

Regression therapy is another way to discover what makes us who we are, so as to accept and enjoy living more fully in the present. It can include past life regression. 

It draws on aspects of Gestalt therapy (creative use of art, psychodrama and dynamic wordplay), and by the use of guided imagery to recall and work with negative narratives.


My charges for counselling and psychotherapy are £40 for one hour. (Concessions negotiable for those on low income) The first appointment includes a free 15 minute consultation for an initial assessment. DMP regression therapy requires a double session  of  two hours. I work flexible hours any day of the week including Saturdays, evenings and bank holidays.

I am an acredited registered member of NCS (National Counselling Society) and work within the NCS code of ethics. I also have full indemnity insurance cover.


'Creativity is a celebration of life' (Joseph Zinker).  Gestalt is the process of working creatively with imagination, exploring dreams, changing awareness and living in the present moment more fully.   

SFBT. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Integrated with the Person centered approach, I can offer short and longer term therapy.

Where a longer term therapy is needed to get into those persistent and deeper issues, you can  use the space to explore your inner and outer world in more depth. However we can discuss what will best suit your individual needs.     

Deep Memory Process


Find my profile in DMP Practitioners.

(See Links) Past Life Regression is not only beliefs about soul or reincarnation. It encompasses the idea that scientific discoveries in the DNA have identified 'blank' areas which they call 'Junk DNA'. Yet the possibility that body wounds & emotional trauma passed down from our ancestors could be stored in those areas. 

Registered as an accredited member of National Counselling Society. NCS. as endorsed by 

PSA (Professional Standards Authority) accredited register.

My Theraputic Experience

Contact Details


01629 259791

Mobile:  07787 977944

Email: wendy.godber@talktalk.net

Experience and qualifications

My previous experience includes working as a professional mental health practitioner in community projects and also the forensic sector. I currently work in a hospice bereavement counselling services and formerly  a young persons counselling centre.   

My qualifications are:

  • BA (Hons) Philosophy, modules included: sociology, psychology, art, politics, ethics and logic.
  •  Advanced Certificate in Counselling for Professionals
  • PG Dip: Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy
  • RNMH/RN.  Advanced Diploma in Mental Health Nursing
  • International DMP Council Diploma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anger management
  • Sexual abuse
  • Phobias and Addictions
  • Eating disorders.
  • Body dysmorphia.
  • Highly sensitive personality.
  • Post Natal Depression.
  • Substance misuse, and many more.

My experience covers a wide range of emotional and psychological issues. My clients include young people aged from 11 upwards and with no upper age limit.

Problems include:

Deep Memory Process Foundation


National Counselling Society